Thank you for your trust and friendship.  We provide 20 years of expertise creating beautiful events, beautiful food & cherished memories.

A note from Hector                 Welcome to Catering 911 S.A                     

I would like to introduce not only myself, Hector Barrios,
but also, my food!  

I have been in the food service business most
of my adult life.  From washing dishes
to figuring
labor & food costs, it's been all fun.  I enjoy myself!
-- that is why I don't go to work

I guess it's like my Dad said, "You've got to Love your Job".

I live, breath
and eat (no pun) catering.  Every customer is
different and has different needs.  My
job is to figure out
what those needs are.  Sometimes it's not that easy, but
everyone loves
great food as well as being treated
like a guest at their own catering.


  The word "Cater" means to provide food or other services
to fill a need or want!  SIMPLE!  At Catering 911 S. A.,
it's our pleasure to offer a wide variety of meals from
freshly created Omelets to luscious Prime Rib.

My staff
are trained to help your guests with everything
they need. This means reading people's
faces and body
language.  It's so important! I always say,
let's mix in love, in everything we

The customer can tell the difference.  From the people who
answer our phones, to our service and wait staff,
answer with a smile! What a plus.
Sometimes you only have one shot!

In one sentence
"The Customer is First"!


Thanks!  --and have a Delicious Day!



We accept
Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover Cards

We appreciate your friendship and business.





                                            Hector Barrios

"If you need to eat, we need to meet"
Give us a call at (210) 421-0100

Have you been Catered to today?

We are pleased to cater your event
and serve your guests at the location
of your choice. 




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